MUSE: Ali Macgraw // the soulful brunette

Ali Macgraw inspiration

“Looking at beautiful things is what makes me the happiest.”

So artistic and enchanted.

A free spirited dreamer.





You’ll fall in love with her; she’s always been more alive than most.

Striking beauty, intensified by its imperfections — too-thick eyebrows over coal-dark eyes, sensual lips opening to a crooked front tooth, a flawless nose with just slightly wide nostrils.

Draped in paisley patterns, floral swirls and wistful prints; “I‘m an incredible romantic – it runs me.”

Ali Macgraw beautyAli Macgraw iconAli Macgraw bohemian  

“Every one of us gets to find our way, hopefully surrounded by love, but we still have to pick out our own way through the land mines of life. By accepting this and relinquishing control, there's just extraordinary beauty.” – Ali.

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